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Millennials dating culture

Dating culture is changing. At least a decade ago the rules of dating were different. Usually, a guy had to ask a girl to go out. They could visit a restaurant, park, beach, etc. If…Continue Reading


ETHICAL SCENARIO Premarital sexual relationships are characterized by numerous moral and ethical concerns. It is the same moral issues presented by this case of a college couple who have been living together for three years…Continue Reading

What do women want?

The speaker can be characterized as a woman seeking to be understood. She chose to present her desire figuratively. Women who seek attention often dress in revealing clothing. Hence, she wants that red dress that…Continue Reading


Introduction The current paper is a critical review of Working Paper 21360 titled ‘Economic and Social Impact of Media’ by Stefano Della Vigna and Eliana La Ferrara. The research was prepared for the Handbook of…Continue Reading

Benefits of marriage

Marriage may be the oldest and much solid organization worldwide, which provides the sense associated with security, assistance and that belong; and it will likely be never a good outdated idea. Generally, we are able…Continue Reading

Meal Planning for Lipids

The AMDR for fat in the diet ranges from 20-35% for adults. This level of ingestion allows for the sufficient intake of the macronutrients that are required for nutrition (Simpson & Raubenheimer, 2014). The range…Continue Reading

Water Management for Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, British Columbia is situated in the SW part of the province where the Fraser River meets the Pacific Ocean in the Georgia Strait, just north of Washington State in the US NW.  Vancouver was…Continue Reading