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Best Asian Dating Sites in the USA and Canada

Best Asian Dating Sites in the USA and Canada

An estimated 4.4 billion ladies and gentlemen live in Asian countries. This fact is the reason why there are so many Asian dating sites for singles – because of the huge audience. Moreover, around 5.5% of the population in America is Asian. Even more Asian men and women live in Canada – around 17% of the Canadian population.

That’s the reason why Asian dating sites in America and Canada are so popular. First, Asian people are using these websites to find girlfriends and boyfriends online. And second, Americans and Canadians feel attracted to Asian American and Asian Canadians. If you google an “Asian dating website” request, you will be surprised by the number of results.

How can someone pick one site from more than 500 million results the one website that can aid in meeting “the love of your life”? That’s why there are Asian dating sites reviews – to help you to choose one or several platforms that will help in accomplishing your goals. Here you will find some tips on how to choose a site, and what are the best legitimate Asian dating sites in Canada and the USA.

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Choosing an Asian Dating Platform

Before you sign up and start paying for the services (most reliable sites are paid), it’s a great idea to find out more about the dating platform. Whenever we are buying a new device, we read not only the description but comments and reviews of users. The first tip is to read an Asian dating sites review and comments of users.

You can find some comments on Reddit, it has a huge community of Asian Americans and Asians who live in other countries, including Canada or some European countries. You can be sure that only real users post comments because on some services you can find weird reviews that look like generated comment. But be aware, even the best Asian dating sites review, where a user praises site’s feature, has to contain disadvantages. Any website has the cons, if the review doesn’t have any, it might be fake.

Another tip is to choose those reliable sites that have big and active databases. If you live in Canada or the US, it might be better to use a general site or app where people of different nationalities are seeking soulmates. The reason why you might want to choose a general website is that such sites have more active users than sites exclusively for Asian singles. But you will need to use filters if you are seeking an Asian soulmate.

Here are other parameters of a good dating platform. If the site doesn’t meet them, it might not give you the best results:

  • Protection of members;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Useful features;
  • Decent matchmaking algorithm;
  • Active members;
  • Effective Customer Service.

These are the basic parameters of a decent website for online dating. If you are using a paid site, then it should offer value for your money. If the cost per month is slightly or considerably higher than the price of services of other websites, then it should offer something special for you.

In case you are looking for a free website or app, you should be extra careful. Paid sites discourage scammers, and the administration bans them if they are trying to deceive members of the dating community. One thing you should bear in mind is that a free site is most likely legit if it is on the market for at least two years.

Reliable Asian Dating Sites

You’ve already read about the parameters of a good dating site, and you know what factors you should consider. But instead of trying to distinguish several good websites from those 500 million results, you can read this review.

Another dating service that caters to the interests of the Asian community. This website is popular not only within the Asian community, but it also attracts the attention of people belonging to other ethnicities. It has a stylish design, it’s easy to use all the features. Registration process won’t take too much of your time. It’s a paid website but you can test some of the features for free.

One of the benefits of the platform is that it doesn’t oblige you to pay for a membership. Most of the users of online dating platforms don’t even know that when they are paying for three months, they won’t get refunded even if they use the website only for one month. It’s a standard policy of any website.

But uses a different approach. You have to buy credits to use paid features. For example, if you are starting a new conversation, you need credits. Or if you want to send a virtual gift, you also buy credits. But when you eventually find love on the website, you don’t have to pay to use it. That’s how you can save money and find your soulmate. It might be the best Asian girl dating sites since it is safe and scammers free.


It’s one of the top Asian dating sites in the US and Canada since it caters to the interests of the Asian community. Reviews on Reddit show that it is relatively easy to find a date while using EastMeetEast. The owners of the website believe that upbringing, personalities, and goals in life are very important, if not crucial when it comes to matching people. That’s why they have launched a system that makes a very thorough research of different candidates and each week sends you only one match via mail.

You might think why one match per week is good? Other websites offer several matches a day. Because it’s better to receive one match that is almost 100% compatible with you, rather than waste time on people with whom you have nothing in common. The system will consider the location, upbringing, preferred age, etc., and you can start communicating.

But if you feel like taking the initiative in your hands, you can use the search tool of the platform. It is said in the description that while using the search, you will find information in a profile about what language a potential candidate prefers using when he or she arrived in the US, Canada, Australia or other countries, etc. does cater to the interests of the Asian diaspora.

One of the best dating Asian women sites although it is not dedicated only to Asian women or men. The website is like a modified Tinder where women have to make the very first step. Why is that good? Because women feel more protected when they decide who to contact. Some women might have already experienced the very pleasant effect of being drowned in messages right after they post some of their photos.

With Bumble women won’t experience such attitude. And men also value this website because it’s nice to give the initiative in women’s hands. It’s believed that men have to make the first step and it puts huge pressure on them. That’s why Bumble is so popular, it helps women to take the initiative and to be braver, and takes the burden off men’s shoulders.

How does it work? Everything is simple. You use a Like Gallery where you have to choose whether the person is hot or not. If the person you “liked” likes you back, then you can start a chat. The only difference from Tinder is that you have to be a woman to initiate a conversation and you have only 24 hours to say “Hi”. After the time is up, you won’t be able to contact that person again. Men are also given 24 hours to respond.

No matter what type of relationship you are seeking, you will find it on AsianDate. It’s not a free site, it has a small and completely reasonable fee. The registration is free, as well as seeking profiles of Asian men and women. Profiles are of high quality, it doesn’t seem that the site is overloaded with bots, trolls or scammers which is a very good sign.

You can use filters in the search tool, for example, location, sex, age, occupation, hobbies, etc. If you don’t have time, you can wait for a daily list of compatible members. You don’t have to do the search, a precise matchmaking system will do this job for you.

If you want to find a soulmate based on his location, you can use the Anomo app. It works as a detecting device. If you are sitting in a coffee shop, or you are at a local pub, you can log in into your account and see whether someone is online. That’s how you can find a date.

But there are several peculiarities. This app values your privacy and desire to use it anonymously. If you don’t want everyone to know that you are currently looking for a soulmate, then this app is a godsend. You don’t have to open your identity unless you want to. You can complete different quizzes to find out who fits your personality, etc.

Even if the person is local and crossing the road near the cafe you are sitting at, you don’t have to meet this woman or man unless they have something in common with you. The only disadvantage of the app is that it’s not that popular at the moment and the database is smaller than databases of other apps. But it is a fun way to meet someone, just give it a try.

One of the best free Asian dating sites. As you might understand from the name of the site, it is not dedicated only to dates. If you want to have some fun or to meet new people, you can also use this service. Upon the completion of registration, each member has to fill the basic information about themselves, including the purpose of becoming a member. You have to indicate that you are looking for a romantic relationship.

The site uses a matchmaking system that is connecting people depending on their needs. For example, if you are not against dating someone outside of your nationality, the algorithm will offer you people who match your preferences. It’s one of the best sites to detect local people. You won’t have to travel to another city or country, your potential soulmate might attend the gym with you.



Some dating websites cater solely to the interests of the Asian community, others are for general use. You can try both these types of services and decide which platform fits your needs. There is one piece of advice that can help you to find your future husband and wife – don’t be discouraged if you won’t find him or her immediately.

It’s common for everyone. You might get very lucky while using the other site while the previous one didn’t seem to be effective. You can also think about using general websites and apps that were mentioned in this review. If you are living in US, Canada or another country, it’s easier to find your significant other, if you use Asian dating platforms and platforms for all the ethnicities. Just use both, and you’ll see how quickly you’ll find a soulmate.

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